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The Nilkanth Hospital is renowned for its Centers of Excellence, and a recognized industry leader in the implementation of state-of-the-art medical technology and best practices

We Care For You

and caring medical professionals is dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the highest quality health care that is safe, compassionate, culturally competent and patient-centered

Our team
of highly trained

and caring medical professionals is dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the highest quality health care that is safe, compassionate, culturally competent and patient-centered


We provide Hospitalization in Severe & Complicated Disease

We specialize in meeting the unique needs of patient during medical emergencies & severe complicated illness

Nilkanth Hospital is dedicated for caring severe & complicated ill patient. We providing complete, coordinated care for you in one location. All of our doctor & nursing staff have extensive experience providing emergency & hospitalization care.

Services We Offer

• Emergency care for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• 24 hours availability of Doctor

• Rapid availability of Pathology & Radiology Services nearby

• 12 Bed Medical Hospital


• Central Oxygen Supply

• Deluxe Room & AC Special Room

• Special Room & Semi special Room

• Qualified & polite nursing staff

• Registered by C-form(Approved for Mediclaim Patient)

Registration & Admission
Minimum Deposit Schedule

All patients are required to fill the registration Form and admission Slip at the time of admission. The sign of first and second relatives will be valid in the Admission Form. (Registration fee INR 200/-). On admission, an In-Patient Number (IP. No.) will be generated and the same is to be quoted for any enquiry. Admission note from your doctor will help us in making procedure smoother and faster.

On admission deposit is to be submitted at Patient Billing Department as per following schedule. The amount depends on the class selected and the case type. Reminder for further deposit will be made to you from time to time when deposited amount is utilized. Payments are accepted only by Cash.

Class of Patient Amount of Deposit (INR)
  Semi-Special 7000
  Special 10,000
  Deluxe 10,000
  ICU Care 12,000

For estimate of your expenses, kindly contact your Consultant Doctor. Various categories like Semi-Special, Special, Deluxe, & ICU's are available for the indoor. Admission offices will help you to choose your desired class of room/bed and accommodation by giving all details as per schedule.

Room Charge

Class Amount
  ICU   INR 3000/-
  Room No 202 Special A/c   INR 2200/-
  Room N0 204 Special A/C   INR 1600/-
  Room No 203 (Semi Special)   INR 1500/-
  Room No 201 Deluxe   INR 2400/-
  Room No 101 Special A/c   INR 2200/-

Doctors Round Visit Charge

Class Amount
  Emergency Visit   INR 1200/- & more
  ICU   INR 3000/- & more, ECG & Procedure Charge Extra
  All Category of Rooms   INR 2000/- & more

Checkout time is 12.00 p.m. Doctor's charges vary accordingly. In case of patients from companies with whom we have tie-up, reference letter from the company must be produced at the time of admission

A patient can be discharged from the hospital only on the advice of the treating consultant. It would take at least 2 hours for the various discharge formalities to be completed. As soon as the bill is ready, the billing department will call you in your room. You are kindly requested to wait in your room till then. Discharge authorization slip will be handed over to you only after settlement of final bills. The nursing station, on producing the discharge authorization slip, shall give all reports and other documents to you; and please don't forget to sign in the register that you have collected all necessary reports from nursing station.

Important Note

• Visitors are not permitted in any of the ICU as the hospital has decided to restrict visitors to avoid disturbance to the patients, to ensure early recovery.
• The hospital campus is a non-smoking area. Spitting Chewing of pan and tobacco is strictly prohibited.
• Please refrain from opening windows in all rooms. It is dangerous and affects the airconditioning